Hallstedt Homestead is a sweet cherry farm nestled at the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula, just a few miles south of Northport.  We sell 8 varieties of premium sweet cherries, and our harvest spans about 6 weeks, mid-July til the end of August. The entire orchard has been planted since 2010 and is composed of modern varieties, resulting in a larger, more flavorful cherry from a tree that is more accessible and easier to pick. We also grow over 100 varieties of flowers for our farmstand, u-pickers, florists, and for the Northport farmers market.
In 2019, we opened our u-pick operation, both for cherries as well as fresh-cut flowers. We want to provide an orchard where others can create strong memories of sharing a bowl of cherries on a summer evening, track the progress of the orchard over a season, or even stop by and pick a handful of this amazing fruit right from the tree. 

Contact & More Information

8227 N. Matheson Rd.
Northport, MI 49670


Website: hhcherries.net
Facebook: hhcherries
Instagram: hhcherries

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