Hi, we are Brian and Dena, nice to meet you! Together we have spent over a decade in education and are excited for this next opportunity to give back to our community! We are adventurers at heart, having lived all over the United States, Canada, and Europe. We live life as a verb, creating and providing for the community, and we look forward to sharing our passion with you!

We offer sustainable microgreens, eggs, and produce year-round. It is our goal to enhance the status of our local environment, establish a natural resource base, and enhance the quality of life for our animals and our community!

In addition to our produce and eggs, we are also a satellite center for Peaceful Valley Donkey Rescue. We foster and support adoption for rescue donkeys and plan Donkey Days for visiting our personal rescues: Starsky and Hutch. Follow our Instagram for Donkey Days!

Contact & More Information
Contact: Dena AuCoin & Brian Berger
Address: Maple City, MI
Phone: 520-360-7790
Website: https://www.stickandfeatherfarm.com/
Instagram: @stick_n_feather

Products Offered
Veggies, Microgreens, Eggs, Syrup. More to come!

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