My name is Leandra, and my shop is Notion. I’m also hearing impared and I have a degenerative eye disease, Retinitis Pigmentosa. My story and my craft is an ongoing evolution.

Creating was instilled in me since childhood. My sisters and I were encouraged to express ourselves through art. I always experimented and believe that my disabilities are only a bump in the road that I can find a way around.

Although I wasn’t initially drawn to jewelry making, I found myself surrounded by amazing women that created their own beautiful beaded jewelry. As I learned more about the craft, I became entranced with the colors and  shapes of beads and finding ways to make unique designs. But I wanted to evolve, and found inspiration in vintage buttons: the textures and  details, the materials and  patinas, the artistry and history of the designs. I’m continuously on the lookout for vintage buttons at estate sales, garage sales, and thrift stores. And now buttons even find me, as clients gift me old button jars from their grandmothers!

Notion has two notable meanings, small useful items for sewing and an idea or desire, which seems fitting for my business. Although vintage buttons are my inspiration, I look for opportunities to include vintage lace, buckles and other notions in my designs.

My designs are statement pieces. I’m often inspired by a single button as a focal point that drives the design. Sometimes it’s a theme or pattern that’s repeated in multiple buttons across several generations. I use beads and filigree and other vintage notions to enhance my designs. My latest evolution is the addition of hand embroidery elements. Northern Michigan is my home and source of inspiration. I have a passion project inspired by the Lakes of Michigan, with proceeds donated to to protect the Great Lakes.

I create for the customer who appreciates the beauty and detail of vintage buttons and delights in showcasing their new life. I create for free spirited, eclectic and vintage-loving collectors. I create for those who want a unique and one of a kind piece, a conversation starter. I love what I create and I want to share that with you!

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